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Reconstructive & Aesthetic Dentistry Practice 

Your dental practice in Zug for healthy & beautiful teeth

Dr. van Sprundel and her team provide you and your family with dentistry and plastic surgery of the highest medical and aesthetic standards.

The practice of modern and aesthetic dentistry of Dr. Nina van Sprundel offers dental treatments and prophylaxis, reconstructive and aesthetic dent istry as well as dental support for demanding patients at the highest level.

Located at the Baar train station, with parking directly in the building, we are the practice for patients who value individual care, lived customer orientation and the latest techniques and methods at the cutting edge of science.

Constant commitment and precision - for your healthy, radiant smile!

Cem Celik

I went to Dr. van Sprundel for the first time about 2 weeks ago for a consultation on new veneers. 10 days later, everything was fixed! A sensational performance and I am not satisfied with the result, but my expectations were exceeded.

Hans Blaser

Excellent service and very pleasant team & practice. I am very satisfied with the result and can highly recommend Dr. Nina van Sprundel and team.

Jaqueline Adriano

The attention to detail that Dr. van Sprundel and her team display is unparalleled. A combination of high quality, expert advice in a relaxed and stylish atmosphere - never less than five stars!

Sven Flory

Simply the best dental practice in Zug ... I felt in excellent hands with Dr. van Sprundel and can therefore recommend the practice to anyone.

Opinions of our patients

Our motivation
"We want you to enjoy coming to us".

With its technology, our practice is one of the most modern in Switzerland. In a unique feel-good ambience, we have been caring for our patients in high end quality for over 12 years. We practice in all areas of modern dentistry. 

Performance overview

Our treatment spectrum includes reconstructive dentistry, treatment of functional disorders of the masticatory system (craniomandibular dysfunctions / CMD), bite elevations, esthetic dentistry, filling therapy, implantology, oral surgery, root canal treatment, periodontal therapy, ceramic dentures, veneers, non-prep veneers, Invisalign and -last but not least- pediatric dentistry.

Our strengths

Our practice focuses on the treatment of complex total restorations always with the goal of a healthy and functionally flawless result, which aesthetically meets the highest standards.

What our patients appreciate

Our patients appreciate our individual and innovative treatment concepts. We will be happy to advise you in detail in a personal consultation in our dental practice in Baar / Zug and accompany you step by step professionally, responsibly and purposefully to healthy beautiful teeth. 

We are the practice for everyone and every woman. With pleasure we are here for you.

Dental TV 

Successful as a woman in dentistry

The future of dentistry is female. But how difficult is it to start a dental clinic as a woman and lead it to success? How can you balance your own business with your family? Are women in dentistry underestimated? Do female dentists have to be more convincing than male dentists? How high is the pressure to perform and what can a woman do to compensate?

Radiantly beautiful

Dental health comes first: Beautiful and healthy teeth accompany us throughout our lives. In addition, your teeth also shape your face. Your perfect smile gives you charisma and defines your quality of life. Convince yourself of our quality - do you want more?